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Bridgette Lemke
about Bridgette Lemke

I'm Bridgette Lemke!

I'm a small-town Illinois photographer with an obsession with tacos, baby toes, and all things woof. I would love for you to get to know me more. Keep reading!

Quick bio..

I am a local photographer who loves to capture candid moments of you and yours. Photography has always been a passion of mine and stemmed from my interest in art and design back in high school. I graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Advertising Art and Direction, which allowed me to express my creativity through graphic arts, photography, drawing, basically anything that gave me an opportunity to use my imagination and create! Because of my passion for all of this, I would describe my photography style as artistic and romantic.....capturing your true self.

My Passion is YOU!

My goal for every single session is to not only successfully photograph but to make sure you have a beautiful memory captured - silly or sweet. I want you to feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. In fact you may not even realize it's there! Let's laugh while journeying to a location of your choice to snap some shots of you, your pet, your entire family, your neighbor.... This is going to be fun!

Some Fun Facts

I am somewhat of a newlywed. It will be three years this year! Man the time sure does fly by! I have two fur babies (Buddy and Lyla), who sure do keep me on my toes - and who model for me constantly. If you follow me on social media you know what I'm talking about. You probably feel like you know them by now. lol They are our kids and pretty much go everywhere with us. YES, they even traveled to South Carolina with us (we had to drive because of them) so that they could be in our wedding. Cutest flower girl and ring bearer I have ever seen. 🙂

I LOVE music. When I say that I love music what I really mean is that I swear I was a musician or broadway performer in a past life. I am obsessed and can't really function without music on constantly...and have been know to break out in song and dance at any given moment.

Dogs are life to me. Not just my dogs. ALL dogs. I am pretty sure the phrase "Easily distracted by dogs" was written (ooh look at the doggie) about me.

In my spare time you can find me going on a walk with my pups, doing some much needed yoga (or at least wearing yoga pants), under a comfy blanket on the couch watching a fave show (GOT is where it's at), reading anything by Rachel Hollis (preach sis!), relaxing in the hammock, or cooking something really yummy!

Designing something really cool. Oh yea! I run another business! I just can't sit still for the life of me. There are just too many ideas floating around in this girl's brain that I feel I need to share them all with the world. The business name is quite fitting: Busy Bee's Design and Photography. Love me some design too.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I can’t wait to talk with you about your session, so leave me a note here and I will be in touch with you soon!